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Gathering Place, New York 2013

Gathering Place, New York 2013

I am pleased to be part of the inaugural No Longer Empty Curatorial Lab (NLE LAB), a new program of the site-specific art organization No Longer Empty. Katherine Gressel and Jessica Wallen curated Gathering Place, an exhibition bringing together ten artists at a formerly-vacant storefront on 24 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village in New York City (February 22-March 23, 2013).

The exhibition explores the street and the neighborhood’s unique history of commerce and culture, envisioning 8th Street’s rebirth as a mixed-use destination corridor, and engaging the community in critical dialogue around its future.

Reverse Window Shopping (2)

For Gathering Place I have created a new site-specific drawing on the window of 24 West 8th street. By calling it Reverse Window Shopping, I acknowledge the commercial function of the site and the familiar urban practice of window-shopping, but in reverse, so to speak. I used the practice of drawing what I see through the glass pane from the inside of the storefront, and onto polyester film, in a continuous motion that tries to capture the flow of the passers-by and the architectural environment.

Reverse Window Shopping drawing outside view

Reverse Window Shopping drawing outside view

Reverse Window Shopping drawing inside view

On a wall inside the gallery I showed other drawings on polyester done in a previous event – Reverse Window Shopping, in the context of Art in Odd Places, 2010— presenting a ‘time-lapsed panorama’ of West 14th street.

Reverse Window Shopping 2010 drawing on wall

Reverse Window Shopping 2010 drawing on wall

The exhibition includes a sample of the Peripatetic Box – Compact (a “toolbox for getting lost in the city”) together with drawing tools and instructions. In its original purpose, the Peripatetic Box is made to be taken on a walk and be used as an ‘active’ city guide, a tool for observation. In this context, it can be used as a starting point to create visual and verbal responses based on the participants’ memory of the city. The responses were collected and displayed on a regular basis over the duration of the exhibition.

Peripatetic Box Compact 2013

Peripatetic Box Compact detail of wall text 2013

Peripatetic Box Compact participant 2013

Peripatetic Box Compact with responses 2013

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